Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Wishlist deserves an award for their constant innovation and improvement process on the site - here is a list of suggestions that I have no doubt they are already working on. Keep up the good work!

- Complete roll out of the "search all records in this collection" feature beyond the 1930 and 1940 census records. (In case you didn't know about this function - it is available when you open up the 1930 or 1940 census in the card catalogue).


- Ability to filter hints by key word (i.e. by township, county or state)

- Photo cropping from site (right now, if you want to crop a photo, you have to save it to your computer, crop it, then reload the new version and delete the prior). 

- A warning "pop-up" if you are saving a record that has already been saved to someone else in your tree (helps avoid adding duplicate people). Right now - you can only tell if you click on the record link to look at the details before adding. 

- Faster tree downloading - I am too addicted to stop working on my tree for as long as it takes currently, and then usually it has to start over! boo. 

- Place name standardization across record hints (i.e. USA vs United States vs. not listing country)

- Removal of "abt" in front of birth year when adding people via a record hint.  

- Faster processing of hint ignoring (it's super fast to ignore hints when in the "view all hints" of one person, but takes longer to ignore hints when not in the person view mode). 

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